Welcome to Class 002! I promise you will work very hard. I promise you will learn. I promise you will have fun. Each student creates weekly goals for themselves. As a class, our goal is to achieve 3's and 4's across the curriculum. Toward this end, there is homework every night. Parents: Please assist your children with their HW. ALL reading assignments require notetaking. ALL math assignments require students to show their work.

Note to Parents and Students:

Each day, students should be making use of Acuity.

This on-line site is accessible to students from anywhere with their username and password. Click on the link to visit the site:


All students have been given their username and password. Moreover if you attend Parent Teacher Night, you receive both pieces of information. Your child should go on-line everyday and choose at least three (3) study assignments to read and complete. Visit Acuity to work on both ELA and Math assignments. Each topic has a minilesson and examples. Do not skip straight to the quiz, as you need to review and practice.

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Fun Social Studies sites:

http://www.georgewashington.si.edu/portrait/index.html http://www.learner.org/interactives/historymap/index.html http://pbskids.org/bigapplehistory/early/topic12.html http://www.libertyskids.com/index.html


Fun Math sites:



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