Mr. Whittingham - 601

Dear Parent / Guardian
The ELA city exam (Predictive Test) is scheduled for next week. Please encourage your child / ward to study for this very important exam. They need to stay focused and to be consistent in their performance.
Best wishes as we work together.

601, 602, 603
Research Project
Conduct a research on the Origin and Development of "Thanksgiving". Then write a two to three page document to cover aspects such as:

The origin of thanksgiving day,Thanksgiving day tradition, Thanksgiving day customs,First thanksgiving day feast, Thanksgiving day foods, Celebration in other countries, How it impacts our families.
This project is due the last day of November (Monday 30th)

Home Work November 23 - 25
1. What do you do from the moment you wake up in the morning until you get to school? Write in sequence how they happen.
2. Choose 5 features of nonfiction texts and define them. Tell how they aid reading.
3. Tell how you should effectively treat a short answer response question. (how to make sure you give the best answer)

Home Work November 30 - December 4, 2009
1. Select your favorite character from a story. Write a bio poem about him / her.
2. Read the excerpt From Black Beauty. Write the story from the point of view of John.
3. Choose five features of nonfiction and define them. Tell how they aid reading.

H.W. for January 11- 14
1). Imagine that your best friend has shared a big problem with you. You think this problem needs adult help to be solved, but your friend made you promise not to tell. What is the problem? What do you do?
2). Imagine you are out with your best friend when you see him or her shoplift at the mall. What do you do? Why? How do you feel? What do your feelings say about your values?
3). Who is someone you admire? Why? What are his or her strengths? What's a weakness he or she uses in a positive way?
4). Why would someone make a decision that goes against what he or she values? What problems could this cause for the person?

PARENTS AND STUDENTS please note that the week of January 18-22 and 25-29 will be mid term exams. ELA will be on Tuesday the 19 th January. All students are asked to prepare for this very important test.

H.W. For week January 17- 23, 2010
1. Write an imaginative short story that ends with the sentence, "I wish my attitude hadn't been so negative - the situation would have gone more smoothly."
2. Imagine you are the member of a jury that has to decide whether or not someone is guilty of a serious crime. What are some of the questions you would want asked before making a decision? What information would you want to know?

Black History Month
Do a research on a black person who has made a major contribution to society. Focus on an inventor.
a) Where was he / she born?
b) His / her education
c) Problems he / she encountered
d) How were they overcome
e) Achievement e.g. What they invented
f) How do we benefit from this person?
g) Awards and Recognition.
The project is to be typed; 3 pages, size 14 font; due February 19, 2010, submit in a folder.

H.W. For Week March 1-5, 2010
a) Write about a time when you had difficulty with someone and explain how you solved the problem. Be sure to say what the problem was.
b) Julisa lied to her mother about finishing all her ELA Class. She told her Mom that she is passing with flying colors. She is actually failing because she hasn't been doing her work. This week is Parent Teachers conference. Should Julisa tell her Mom the truth? What should Julisa do?
c). It's my best friend's 12th birthday party and I found the perfect gift. It costs $100.00. I know she will like the gift, but I cannot afford it. What should I do?
d) Write an e-mail to a classmate arranging fot the formation of a study group. Tell all your plans to make it work.