​Mr. Turcotte -7001

Welcome Back! Here are some tips that will bring you and your parents/guardians school success for the 2009-2010 school year. Please utilize the following resources to keep up with your "mental push-ups" on a daily basis. Remember, we are in training - building our stamina. Parents: Check your child's RED Homework Folder/Planner every night! They are assigned home work on a daily basis, in addition to unit projects, book reports, and technology based assignments. Here you will also find permission slips and notices from me and the school. Check this wiki page on a monthly basis so that you may stay informed as to what we are doing as a class.
  • Independent Reading 30-60 minutes daily. Be sure to log your reading and complete story maps/reading response sheets in your BLUE Independent Reading Folder.

  • Daily math facts practice worksheets - complete them!!! Practice makes perfect. Remember that the better knowledge of your math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) the easier the exam will be! Please keep ALL math facts work in your BLACK Math (TAI) Intervention Folders.

  • Visit Acuity to work on both ELA and Math assignments. Each topic has a minilesson and examples. Do not skip straight to the quiz, as you need to review and practice. Go to https://nyc-acuity.mcgraw-hill.com/index.jsp and enter user name and password. If you have trouble with the above link you can always access Acuity from the DOE homepage. Go to http://schools.nyc.gov enter "acuity" in the search bar.
  • Play Tabula Digita interactive multiplayer Math video games to keep up with and practice the Math curriculum. View parent letter and home upload directions by clicking on the following links: Parent Letter and Home Upload Instructions.

Remember: Incomplete work earns NO credit. If you are missing assignments, see me for make up. Late work can earn you some credit. You will always be given the opportunity to make up/retake missing assignments, tests, projects. Job completion is our goal. I wish you all a rewarding school year.
Best regards,
Mr. T