Mr. Noble - Class 6-003

Greetings! I first want to remind all of you to relax and enjoy your time off over the holidays. You have worked hard thus far! Remember, though, that once we return from break we must work doubly hard to prepare for the ELA State Exam that is quickly approaching.

In order to not forget everything I have taught you, please utilize the following tips and websites to review the content:

  • Independent Reading 30-60 minutes daily. Be sure to log your reading and complete story maps/reading response sheets.
  • Holiday ELA Packet. You signed for it - now complete it! Try doing one article and set of questions per day. I want to see evidence of active reading (take notes,circle, and underline). DON'T JUST FILL IN THE BUBBLES!
  • Visit Acuity to work on both ELA and Math assignments. Each topic has a minilesson and examples. Do not skip straight to the quiz, as you need to review and practice. Go to and enter user name and password.
  • Play Tabula Digita interactive multiplayer Math video games to keep up with and practice the Math curriculum. View parent letter and home upload directions by clicking on yhe following links: Parent Letter and Home Upload Instructions.
  • 6th grade Math Holiday Packet. Practice what we have covered in class. Show your work! Remember, the more you practice the better your score when we play Tabula Digita.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Be Safe!
Mr. Noble